"Marzipan" Almond Butter

One measly little ounce of these nutrient-packed nuts (in any form you please) delivers 14% of your daily fiber intake, 19% of your recommended magnesium, and 6 grams of protein--they have truly earned their "superfood" title. They're great in trail mix, sliced up in granola or yogurt, processed into butter, and even just all by themselves. 


Marzipan has a special place in my heart. I have always loved it, but I briefly lived in Peru, and somehow managed to go to at least four or five weddings during that time. Each and every one of them had trays upon trays of those little fruit-shaped marzipan candies. I knew they contained probably about as much sugar as almond paste, but I ate them anyway. Lots of them. At every single wedding. And after moving back up to California and cutting sugar from my diet, I missed those little candies...


Enter Marzipan Almond Butter. Almonds, plus almond extract, make for an extra almond-y treat, much like the marzipan candies. I LOVE this one on apples, pears, a square (or three) of dark chocolate, and I can't believe I haven't tried it to bake it into a cookie yet... 

Pumpkin Spice Walnut Butter

Walnuts are a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, and manganese. Plus, they're super tasty. 


This is the modified version of the very first flavored nut butter I ever made. It started out as Cinnamon Walnut Butter, but when I realized I could add in cloves, nutmeg, and ginger...well, it only got better. 


This Butter is great on toast--especially French toast!--pear or apple slices, in smoothies, or stirred into your morning bowl of oatmeal to give a little protein boost (and to make it taste more like pumpkin pie and less like oatmeal). It's a delicious seasonal indulgence...and it is only available seasonally! Get yours before it's gone. 

"Rum Cake" Cashew Butter

Cashews are an excellent source of copper, containing 26% of your daily needs in two ounces of nuts. Copper is essential for body and connective tissue production, as well as coding enzymes for other important body functions. They're higher in fat than some nuts, but I forgive them for that because they're just as delicious when eaten in moderation as not. 


Rum cake feels very celebratory to me--you've got your cake AND your booze all wrapped up in one slice of holiday goodness. Rum cake, however, is loaded with sugar, white flour, often calls for instant pudding mix (gross), and doesn't really offer any nutritional benefits. So I offer this as an alternative. 


Try it on fruit slices, on warm toast (it tastes like your toast has the rum glaze!), or in a smoothie--which makes it taste more like a tropical vacation.