Our Mission

It's 3pm, and the salad you had for lunch is beginning to wear off. You have carrot sticks in your bag, but the Oreos in the vending machine down the hall are calling out to you—loudly. Every time you give into a craving you feel guilty, and you hate the way junk food makes you feel, but eating healthy is so boring and you are tired of always feeling deprived; health food simply doesn't taste good. Big companies make bars that they say are good for you, but you read the labels and you know that 40% of your daily intake of riboflavin can't possibly make up for the thirteen grams of sugar in one little bar that isn't going to fill you up anyway. Yuck. It seems like it's so easy for everyone else to resist temptation and find alternatives, and it makes you feel like something is wrong with you. So you feel guilty, deprived, bored, and frustrated, and you've gotten really good at beating yourself up over your perceived failure.

I have good news: eating the celery sticks and hating it or eating that bag of Lay's and then hating yourself aren't your only choices.

What if you found a truly healthful option that actually made you feel satisfied, kept your energy up without the crash, and tasted like a major indulgence

Central Coast Nut Butters make snacking convenient, nutritious, and totally decadent, with real food ingredients and no refined sugar.

I love how I feel when I fuel up with proper nutrition, and I want to share the joy of food that is both delectable and good for your body.

About Us

A few years after discovering that I had sensitivities to the vast majority of my favorite foods, I had become SERIOUSLY bored with the plain almond butter and over-sweetened sunflower seed butter that were available in the markets. My almost-daily snack was an apple with almond butter, because that was the only thing I could eat that was portable and stuck with me for more than 15 minutes or so. It was okay, but I'm a "variety is the spice of life" kind of girl. 

With the gift of a hand-me-down food processor from a friend, I started experimenting with different nuts, adding flavors and spices for variety, using raw nuts, then toasted, putting it in smoothies and slathering it on anything I could think of. I discovered that other nuts made for some killer butter, and with the addition of a few other things, were a great substitute for dessert. 

One day, after whipping up a particularly successful batch of cinnamon walnut butter (which evolved into Pumpkin Spice Walnut Butter), I decided that I had to share this with more than my family and friends. A flurry of recipe-developing and taste-testing (YUM) ensued, and Central Coast Nut Butter Company was born. So I offer you natural, Paleo- and diabetic-friendly, preservative-free goodness, from my home to yours, because food that is good for you should taste good!

Want to know more?

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